Top Five Mistakes Folks Make When Assembling and Installing Things in Their Home

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By Mich Michaud

So, you say you want to assemble that playset,

trampoline or elliptical yourself? As the country’s leading assembly company, Assemblers, Inc. supports your initiative! In fact, we are gunning for your triumph–so much so, we’re going to give you the keys to success by telling you a few of the major mistakes folks make when tackling any assembly project.

To help us out, we’ve spoken to expert assembler and Operations Manager Melvin King. He’s been assembling things for more than 20 years and has worked his way up from technician to operations manager.

To say he knows a thing or two about assembling is an understatement.

Top Five Home Assembly Mistakes:

  1. NOT READING THE DIRECTIONS. Okay, this seems silly, right? But not reading the directions completely BEFORE and during assembly can cost you money in the long run. King says, “Not doing this can cause safety issues, too, and possibly void the items warranty.” And he aught to know. When Assemblers puts it together for you, it guarantees the assembly meets the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty.
  2. NOT HAVING A CLEAN WORK AREA. If you’re like most people, you assemble things on the fly. King says to, “have a clean work area and appropriate tools before you begin.” Leaving the worksite, going to get tools, breaks your concentration, causes distraction and mistakes ensue.
  3. NOT LAYING EVERYTHING OUT BEFORE YOU BEGIN. Kings says you should methodically read the parts list, identify, count and check everything off the parts list before you begin. “Remove all parts from the box and lay them out in an organized way before starting assembly.” The better you prepare before assembly the better your outcome, he says.
  4. RUSHING. All of us have waited until the day of the birthday party to put together that swing set or bicycle. We’re busy – it happens. But King says, “The faster you try to move when completing a task you’re not used too, the more likely you’ll experience error.” He says those errors may cause safety issues as well. The last thing you want is for anyone to be injured because a part was assembled improperly.
  5. NOT DOUBLE CHECKING YOUR WORK. Ever have parts left over? This is normal, right? No, says King, “Always make sure all nuts, bolts, screws, etc. are tightened properly before attempting to use the item for the first time.” And, make sure all parts have been used per assembly instructions.

Operations Manager Melvin King, assembler and boss extraordinaire

Overwhelmed, Confused?

After all of this, if you find yourself overwhelmed and confused, don’t be embarrassed. We’re here to help. Assemblers won’t judge you for giving it a go by yourself. We can come and talk you through it, do it with you, or even take over the assembly project for you. It’s what we do! We Put It All Together!

-Mich Michaud, marketing and communications manager, Assemblers, Inc.