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Welcome to the iPhone version of the New Assemblers, Inc. Mobile App
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The Assemblers, Inc. app is designed to help our employees provide professional assembly services tailored to meet client needs. The app brings communication and collaboration into one place so that technicians and area managers can work more efficiently.

The app consolidates our business processes and reduces the need for undesired paperwork. Now employees will be able to view store requests, complete a store walk, and check off products from a work list in one central location.

This product was created to help Assemblers, Inc. build and maintain customer relationships, while also advancing our company’s innovation in technology.

The app is only authorized to be used by full or part-time Assemblers, Inc. employees.

TECHNICIANS: The Assemblers app will give you all the tools and information you need to be more productive and efficient on-site. Our easy-to-use app gives you the power to scan a product SKU or UPC code, complete a store walk, add items to your work list, chat with your area manager, create and view repair tickets, in addition to many other features!

AREA MANAGERS: Gone are the days where you’re constantly sorting through emails and maintaining paperwork – the Assemblers app consolidates your daily tasks into one place, making your job responsibilities easier to accomplish and achieve. With this app, you will be able to supervise and communicate with your technicians more easily.

Other Key Features:

  • Track and view the active hours you work
  • Chat with appointed users
  • View announcement messages from the Assemblers, Inc. executive team
  • Review store requests
  • Start and complete a store walk
  • Search & scan products to assemble or repair
  • Check off assembly tasks from your work list
  • View, create, and update repair tickets
  • Take a photo and add notes to a repair ticket
  • Complete & submit client specific tasks

About Assemblers, Incorporated: Founded in 1997, Assemblers, Inc. is the largest merchandise assembly company in the United States. Leading the industry, we provide customers with exceptional product assembly, installation, repair, and delivery services. We always strive to ensure that each client consistently receives unparalleled service and satisfaction. Please explore our website to see what Assemblers, Inc. has to offer. “We put it all together.ˮ

Contact us directly if you have any questions:
[email protected]

App Permissions: The app requires users to grant permission to enable location services, camera access, and push notifications.

Device Requirements: The app requires a minimum of iPhone version 8 to download and use the app. We highly recommend updating to the latest version of IOS for your specific model.