Does Superman Really Exist?

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Most people think Superman is a just a comic book hero, but to Assemblers, Inc. Network Partner George Aiken, he’s a way of life.

By Mich Michaud

“I joined the U.S. Army at age 21, and left for Germany to see the World, and after 6 years of service, 2 national service medals and an honorable discharge, I’ve come to realize that wars had changed me.”

George says he came back with PTSD, an all-too-common outcome of serving in the military. He needed a way of reconnecting with his wife and three young children.

George with is wife Ashley and three children

Superman, of course

“That’s where Superman came in. He’s strong but vulnerable, always truthful, and never gives up,” said George. “He’s a hero to many and I wanted that persona for myself as fatherhood became the next challenge in my life.”


So, Superman became his ideal hero for a long time, but it wasn’t until this year that he started carrying a superman toy his son gave him that things began to change. “I now bring it to work as inspiration to get the job done. It’s a constant reminder to me that everything I do is for my children.”

Superman hitches a ride to work with George

If you are in a Home Depot in Columbus, G.A. or in Alabama, chances are you’ll see “Superman” working in the back of the store with the toy version proudly on display.

“People walk by and notice my Superman sitting on my work table. Some shrug, others stare, but what is most enjoyable to me is when I hear a small kid yell out ‘Superman!’  I just smile and observe how it brings joy to their lives, even if just for a minute.”

Bigger than life — Superman

“A Home Depot store supervisor once saw my Superman and said, ‘What’s with the toy?’ ‘That’s my Hero, he watches my back, keeps me motivated; inspires me to never give up.’ Then I asked, ‘Who’s your Hero’? then silence as he walked away.”

A Home Depot associate named Jay told George his persona is the DC Comic hero The Flash, also known as the fastest man alive, because life puts so much on him and yet he manages to get everything done.


George and Jay at work together

“The best part of my day is coming to work, setting up my table and pulling out my superhero so everyone can see. Yes, I like the attention, but most of all I’m spreading joy around for all to see. Maybe what I’m doing can inspire others, or just bring a smile to their day.”

George Aiken, AKA Superman, poses with Superman

George “Superman” Aiken has worked for Assemblers, Inc. for three years and says it’s been a journey of discovering what his own potential is and can be, “For those considering working for Assemblers, do it and stick with it because once you do, you’ll realize it’s better than what you’ve done before. The pay is great, and Home Depot people are ‘Super” fantastic.”

We think you’re pretty super fantastic, too, George. Keep flying high!

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